My inspiration comes from color, texture, outsider art, illustrators, The New Yorker cartoonists & the great masters.

- Ellie Wyeth



Ellie Wyeth began freelancing as an illustrator in the early 1980’s. Her illustrations have been featured by The Eagleton Institute of Rutgers, Rutgers University Press, John McPhee’s Irons in the Fire, and many other publications and organizations.

Ellie has been exhibiting her floor cloths at selective Fine Art Craft Festivals including the American Craft Council, Artrider Crafts, Paradise City Arts Festival and PA Guild. In addition she has exhibited her work at Morven Museum (Princeton, NJ) and The Covered Bridge Artisans Guild. Her floor cloths continue to reflect what inspires her most, color, texture, flora and fauna. Her place mat designs, handcrafted from laminated prints of her paintings, are also always evolving with now over 65 designs.

She has a growing list of clients and is currently accepting custom orders.